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TETATransport Education & Training Authority (South Africa)
TETATennessee Educational Technology Association
TETATexas Educational Theatre Association, Inc. (Austin, TX)
TETATechnology Education & Training Act of 2001
TETATimisoara English Teachers Association (Romanian Association of Teachers of English; Timisoara, Romania)
TETAThreat Evaluation and Tactical Advice
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Teta Elzbieta is all in a flutter, like a hummingbird; her sisters, too, keep running up behind her, whispering, breathless.
Each dances for several minutes--as long as he pleases; it is a very merry proceeding, with laughter and singing, and when the guest has finished, he finds himself face to face with Teta Elzbieta, who holds the hat.
In vain the frightened Tamoszius would attempt to speak, to plead the limitations of the flesh; in vain would the puffing and breathless ponas Jokubas insist, in vain would Teta Elzbieta implore.
In the meantime there was going on in another corner of the room an anxious conference between Teta Elzbieta and Dede Antanas, and a few of the more intimate friends of the family.
Jukniene brought, just because Teta Elzbieta had once loaned her some money for a few days and saved her from being turned out of her house.
So his hands relaxed and he merely said quietly: "It is done, and there is no use in weeping, Teta Elzbieta.
There is Teta Elzbieta, and Marija, sobbing loudly; and then there is only the silent night, with the stars beginning to pale a little in the east.
In order to meet the demanding specifications of the Asgard field, the patented Teta technology is the only reliable solution.
The Teta technology (wire with T profile) is especially well adapted to the North Sea and frontier areas future developments.
Since employee crime can wreak havoc on an organization in many ways, the organization should be protected from all sides," says Teta.
As she is in her declining years, Teta devotes the most pleasurable part of her day to preparing and "drinking" her narghileh (water pipe) on the balcony.
With RecordLink for PFS, we are able to create an electronic patient billing record immediately upon the patient's admission to the hospital and begin to work that patient's account via workflow," said Pat Teta, Director of Patient Financial Services at Suburban.