TETFTexas Emerging Technology Fund (est. 2005)
TETFTeacher Education Task Force (California State University)
TETFTotally Enclosed Treatment Facility
TETFToo Excited to Function
TETFTransient Experimental Task Force
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Como fue mencionado anteriormente, la TETF tambien puede ser una alternativa eficiente para la multiplicacion de animales superiores, presentando indices reproductivos que justifican su aplicacion en rodeos de carne.
Part of the TETF fund allocation for library development is being earmarked for bandwidth subscription and maintenance.
The company will use the second tranche of TETF funds to design, test and validate the commercial manufacturing process and to initiate toxicology testing as a necessary intermediate step on the way to human studies.
TETF investments, by comparison, address the greater economic development need: equity investments in pre-seed, seed-, and early-stage companies in targeted industries.
Perry and the Texas Legislature in 2005, the TETF is bringing the best scientists and researchers to Texas, attracting high-paying jobs, and helping start-up companies get off the ground faster.
The TETF Commercialization Award recognizes groundbreaking solutions and funds early-stage investments in new, technology-based, private entrepreneurial entities to help accelerate time-to-market, stimulate economic growth through the creation of new jobs, and attract more cutting-edge companies to the State of Texas.