TETHICThe Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Innovations Congress
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In addition to the company's presence at TETHIC, ICW has invited over a dozen key E-Health opinion leaders to participate in a new advisory board.
The TETHIC innovation prize is an honor to the women and men who have worked so hard to integrate electronic medical records, videoconferencing and automated drug dispensing systems in a way that expands an umbrella of world class care to underserved communities," INHS Chief Operating Officer Nancy Vorhees said.
The annual TETHIC award recognizes health care providers that have shown creativity in the development and implementation of technologies that improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.
According to John Holton, CEO, SCI Solutions, "We are thrilled that our Efileshare Community Communication tool has won such high honors with TETHIC in the area of Provider/Patient Communications.
The third annual TETHIC Award ceremony is designed to recognize companies, non-profits, organizations, foundations, government agencies and academic entities for their excellence and advancement in implementing innovative technology to expedite delivery and improve patient care and safety.
TETHIC provides healthcare executives with the industry's leading conference that addresses the impact and promise of technology and innovation on the future of healthcare.
TETHIC and SynaMed hope to help ease the burdens of this critical transition.
Being able to not only support the users and exhibitors at TETHIC but also demonstrate our VoIP capabilities as part of the Wireless Pavilion will be a great showcase of our Wireless LAN System.
Forums such as HCRIC and TETHIC are vital to reaching these goals by bringing the work of the public and private sectors together to accelerate the process of discover-develop-deliver with the ultimate goal of turning discovery into usable knowledge and products that save lives.
VISICU also received the Microsoft Healthcare Award, the American Telemedicine Association Innovations Award and TETHIC "Technology of the Year" Award in 2004.
VISICU also received the Microsoft Healthcare, the American Telemedicine Association Innovations and TETHIC "Technology of the Year" Awards in 2004.
In 2004, VISICU won the Microsoft Healthcare Award, the American Telemedicine Association Innovations Award and TETHIC "Technology of the Year".