TETSThird Echelon Test Set (USMC)
TETSTranscutaneous Energy Transfer System
TETSTurbine Engine Technology Symposium
TETSTrans Eurasia Transport Solutions (various locations)
TETSTrains Entering Terminal Stations (train/subway controls)
TETSTetramethylenedisulfotetramine (rodenticide)
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We have already conducted over a dozen animal studies of our TETS technology, which gives us great confidence in the integrity of our system.
By coupling an external "sender" coil with an implanted "receiver" coil, the TETS system is able to transfer electricity through the patient's skin, thereby eliminating the traditional power and transmitter cable utilized in ventricular assist devices today.
The TETS units once again proved their reliability in harsh environmental conditions during a Field User Test (FUT) at the Marine Corps base, Camp Lejeune North Carolina.
TETS project officer, Chief Warrant Officer Steven Shrout, managed the FUT at Camp LeJeune.
Pete Faulkner, ManTech Vice President and TETS program manager, said, "In order to meet the Marine Corps' program milestones it was necessary to deliver 12 LRIP TETS systems in just 150 days, and working together with Teradyne, ManTech was able to meet this aggressive production schedule.
We are looking forward to working with ManTech over the next five years to deliver our part of the TETS program, which is supplying the Marine Corps with the highest-performance digital test capabilities available in a VXI C-size format.
According to Pete Faulkner, director of engineering and TETS program manager at ManTech, Teradyne won its bid to be ManTech's digital test partner with a combination of technical excellence and organizational strength.
With an industry-standard VXI plug&play Windows NT framework software driver and hardware that is fully compliant with VXI-C interface standards, the M910 is easily integrated in VXI-based test systems and specialized test equipment (STE) for large defense and avionics programs such as TETS, JSTARS (U.
Boonton Electronics' Model 8701 will be part of system sub-assemblies that are an essential part of TETS.