TEUCTemporary Extended Unemployment Compensation
TEUCTemporary Emergency Unemployment Compensation
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Information on the TEUC program was found on the Department of Labor Web site: http://workforcesecurity.
The number of jobless who've lost all benefits is unprecedented, confirming that Congress allowed the TEUC program to expire too soon.
But the latest TEUC program expired while the economy still had 1.
Also, a special TEUC program for airline and related workers was created in April 2003 (P.
While InfrastruX is a national utility services contractor, the acquisition of TEUC adds significantly to the company's presence in Texas and the South Central region.
An estimated 83,000 people in Pennsylvania and 2 million citizens across the United States will be cut off from unemployment benefits in the first six months of 2004 if the federal government fails to extend TEUC into 2004.
Senators and 19 House members, Schmerin said, "In the past year and a half since TEUC was enacted, labor market conditions have not improved.
Anyone who does not receive an application by Saturday, August 23, can contact our TEUC Unit beginning Monday, August 25, at our toll-free telephone number 1-866-241-0152.
The TEUC Act provides up to an initial 13 weeks (up to 39 weeks for airline- related workers) of federal unemployment compensation benefits to people who remain unemployed after they have exhausted 26 weeks of state unemployment compensation.
Claimants can collect up to 13 weeks of initial TEUC benefits only after exhausting 26 weeks of regular state UC payments.
Workers who claim their first week of TEUC by the last full week in December will be able to collect their entitlement.
This week we are mailing applications to those who have exhausted their regular TEUC benefits, and to those who are now receiving TEUC benefits," he explained.