TEURThousand Euros
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4 million (Q1 2010: net outflow of TEUR 40) that included the proceeds from the sale of equipment of EUR 0.
Cash flow from investing activities represented a net outflow of TEUR 40 (Q1 2009: net outflow of EUR 3.
Deposits and Guarantees required: In an award sum> 250 TEUR VertragserfE-llungs- or GewEnhrleistungsbE-rgschaft.
The calculated costs of this cost groups 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 amounted to TEUR 3,047 gross.
Thanks to this growth driver we could off set price pressure in hydraulic fracturing and increase our overall average revenue per job from TEUR 90 to 98.
As a guide, not a contractual basis, the total net amount of benefits for all lots totaled 166 thousand euros for 2011, TEUR 156 for 2012, 128 thousand euros for 2013 and 35 KEUR in 2014.
Q3-2003 Q3-2002 Delta Q2-2003 Delta Sales revenues KEUR 3,769 KEUR 3,680 KEUR +89 KEUR 3,784 KEUR -15 EBIT TEUR 227 KEUR 129 KEUR +98 KEUR 202 KEUR +25 EBIT margin 6.
Forest Works and correlative work(POs limits TEUR 100 HT).
The net income amounts to TEUR 408 (previous year TEUR -7,182), this corresponds to earnings per share of EUR 0.
About Song Networks (former Tele1 Europe) (NASDAQ: TEUR, OM Stockholm Stock Exchange: TEUR) Song Networks is a rapidly expanding data and telecommunications operator with activities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.