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TEVToday's English Version (the Good News Bible Translation)
TEVTobacco Etch Virus
TEVThe Elegant Variation
TEVTotal Economic Value (economics)
TEVThermostatic Expansion Valve
TEVTotal Enterprise Value
TEVTera Electron Volt
TEVTobacco Etch Potyvirus
TEVTeflon Encapsulated Viton
TEVTalipes Equino Varus (club foot deformity)
TEVTurbo Electric Vessel
TEVTotal Equipment Value
TEVTest, Evaluation, and Verification
TEVTiming Error Variance
TEVThromboembolie Veineuse (French: Venous Thromboembolism)
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Markowitz's minimum variance frontier and TEV frontier appear in Fig.
For the purposes of this paper, the TEV is modeled in two parts: the bulb and the valve assembly.
Siekiant patikrinti TEV matematinio modelio adekvatuma gautiesiems eksperimentiniams duomenims, sudarytas tiesiaeigio elektromagnetinio variklio idealizuotas dinaminis matematinis modelis.
Similarly, Finn and Doyle (2000) design a PID controller based on a simplified identified model for the evaporator and compare PID control to the TEV.
In addition, the AquaLab Series 4 TEV is believed to be the first water activity analyser to feature pushbutton toggling between dewpoint and capacitance sensors.
According to researchers, work on the upgrade would be taking place throughout 2014, and by the end of the year it is going to have its particle energy boosted from eight trillion electrovolts, or teraelectronvolts (TeV) to 14 TeV.
armban In f Ars to th tev Te lif It desp Emirate h In fact, such is Arsenal's allergy to silverware they could even stop John Terry from lifting a trophy.
Besides, the study of using TEV to regulate the refrigerating system to operate efficiently was conducted by Yu et al.
5 TeV, Sandhya Jain, a doctoral student from DU, was in the shift at the control room.
But that's just half the 7 TeV per beam that the particle accelerator is designed to have, Myers noted.
GREEN HEAT Bruce McGregor from Mitsubishi, Tony Walton from Daikin, Tom Askew from TEV and David Lacey from CES
The suppliers, Daikin, TEV (Heat King), and Mitsubishi have now entered contracts to provide an expected 2,500 air source heat pumps over the next two years.