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TFJThe Family Journal (Sage Publications)
TFJTélévision Française Juive (France)
TFJTour de France de Jonathan (French disability awareness project)
TFJThe Family Jewels (band)
TFJThe Fashion Journal
TFJTraining for Jobs (employment program; Canada)
TFJThe Final Judgement (online gaming community)
TFJTélévision Fédérale Juive (French: Jewish Federal Television; TV station)
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001) TFJ compartments, and in central medial and lateral TFJ subregions.
L'echec scolaire n'est pas une fatalite, emission diffusee sur TFJ, en mars 2006, debat anime par Sylvie Angel, psychanalyste specialiste des therapies familiales.
TFJ transducers have temperature sensor (thermocouple, RTD) output.
Norwich NR4 TFJ, United Kingdom; fax: + 44-1603-593752; email: paul.
The property was bought in September 1999 as part of a $640,000 deal with TFJ Nominee Trust, led by Judith Scherer.