TFKTime for Kids
TFKThousand Foot Krutch (rock band)
TFKTrends for Kids (German stroller designer)
TFKThe Flower Kings (band)
TFKTrips for Kids (Mill Valley, CA)
TFKThirst for Knowledge (gaming, Magic the Gathering)
TFKThoughts from Kansas (website)
TFKTeammates for Kids
TFKTraditional Fisheries Knowledge (interactive mapping program; Canada)
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TFK currently administers community outreach and ticket exchange programs for sports teams, Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros.
7% of TFK is is being sold to SATS Investments Pte Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of SATS Limited (SATS) in a stock transfer agreement which was concluded today.
The state adopted key provisions of the TFK program into its Early Education and Care law, as well as its mental health legislation.
They were conducted to explore the TFK concept in the life experiences of various generations of immigrants with Indonesian-Chinese ethnocultural background.
Upshur said preliminary results from a recent follow-up study suggest that TFK services in preschool may have long-term effects on improved behavior, reduce the need for special education services in kindergarten, and improve children's school readiness.
You may be one of 15 lucky winners who will be part of the TFK news team from August 2001 until July 2002.
TFK has shared stages with a wide mix of headliners including Switchfoot, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, 311 and Sevendust.
Parents, almost without exception, agreed that TFK services helped their child behave better at school.
At least five essays and five cartoons will be selected to be published in the January 2001 edition of TFK, with copies going to the new president, the new vice president, all members of Congress and TFK readers.
Lucan Toh left Procter & Gamble in 2004 to join ICC PLC and he currently sits on the board of Library of Life PLC and TFK Investments Ltd.
Orders are pouring in at a very brisk rate, with over 150 units installed ranging from TFK to SG 300 models, for various applications throughout the industries.
Published during the school year from September through May, TFK currently reaches 3.