TFLOPTera Floating Point Operations Per Second
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The first phase of HECTOR will include a Cray XT4-based system with a peak performance of about 60 TFLOPS (tera, or l015 floating point operations/sec).
5 TFLOPS of throughput and the industry's only OpenCL-conformant solution for FPGAs.
10x blades in 7U SuperBlade enclosure offers high density (120x GPUs and 120x CPUs) and performance (178 TFLOPS theoretical) per 42U rack.
The new supercomputer features 1,024 MIPS(R) processors that will deliver more than one TFLOPS (a trillion operations per second) of peak performance, 10TB (10,000GB) of online storage and 100TB of near-line StorageTek storage.
8 Tflops of performance and have an order for a 10 Tflop machine and a design on the drawing board for a 100 Tflop machine.
66 PFlops, #7 on the list); "Discover" system at NASA Center for Climate Simulation (417 TFlops, #52); Intel "Endeavour" system (379 TFlops, #57); "MVS-10P" supercomputer at the Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (375 TFlops, #58) "Maia" system at NASA Ames Research Center (212 TFlops, #117); "SUSU" system at The South Ural State University (146 TFlops, #170); and the "Beacon" supercomputer at The National Institute of Computational Sciences at the University of Tennessee (110 TFlops #253) that is also the most power efficient supercomputer on the list and delivers 2.
The SX-ACE for which NEC received orders is a system of 40 racks (2,560 nodes), with maximum theoretical computation performance significantly increased to 706 TFLOPS - more than 25 times that of existing systems.
In addition to powering the Milky Way 2, these processors also power two other systems on the Top500 list from Bull, the 54th ranked system with 557 TFlops and the 329th with 139 TFlops, as part of an early ship program Intel uses to equip supercomputer customers.
Although it has not built a 100Tflops system, Gilson says it's feasible with current HAL 4 technology; it has HAL 8 generation, 500 Tflops technology in hand.
Intel[R] Xeon[R] E5 Processor Debuts on TOP500 List; First Intel[R] Many Integrated Core Co-processor Demonstrated to Deliver Performance Above 1 TFLOPS
Mobile workstation users, especially those in the Media and Entertainment field, will benefit from the AMD FirePro W7170M GPU with outstanding graphics performance in the Dell Precision 7710 mobile workstation matched with almost 3 TFLOPS of single-precision GPU compute power for GPU-accelerated applications and workflows.