TFMSTraffic Flow Management System (US FAA)
TFMSTransportation Financial Management System
TFMSTrifluoromethanesulfonic Acid
TFMSTransitional Fatigue Management Scheme (transport industry; Australia)
TFMSThin-Film Microstrip
TFMSThat Football Manager Site (website)
TFMSTinton Falls Middle School (New Jersey)
TFMSTactical Frequency Management System
TFMSTwin Falls Middle School (North Bend, WA)
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TFMS are designed to track, anticipate and manage the flow of air traffic throughout US airspace.
Treatment with TFMS (so-called chemical deglycosylation) altered the elution position, but a similar broad peak as in the untreated samples was detected (Fig.
During the data-gathering process, we discovered that TFMS was billing all transportation charges to the TAC as it was designed to do.
The high level of the income stream and the transparency of the Matrix Portfolio were important considerations in the selection of TFMS," stated Michael Hajtman, President.
The first phase of the modernisation involved the FAA establishing all modernised interfaces for the TFMS.
Though REITs and other pass-throughs have long been popular, TFMS has pioneered a strategy of investing in a broad allocation of these securities, helping investors capitalize on the sector's overall strength, thus mitigating the effect of individual sector downturns.
In April, CSC successfully transitioned the TFMS remote site from the Air Traffic Control System Command Center in Herndon, Va.
Boris Pialloux joined TFMS as a Senior Analyst in July of 2015.
We enjoyed working with TFMS to find a new space in Boston," said Michael Grill, the founder of Fairlane Properties who brokered the move for TFMS.
TFMS) today announced that the Board of Trustees of the Town of Swampscott Retirement System has selected TFMS to manage an opportunistic/best ideas investment portfolio with an emphasis on income producing securities.
Phase one involved the FAA establishing all modernized interfaces for the TFMS.
Valenti re-joins TFMS following nearly a decade of industry experience at Family Capital Trust Co.