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TFRTotal Fertility Rate
TFRTrattamento di Fine Rapporto (Italian labor legislation)
TFRTransnet Freight Rail (South Africa)
TFRTreatment-Free Remission (diseases)
TFRTransferrin Receptor
TFRTray Flame-Retardant (product feature)
TFRThrift Financial Report
TFRTemporary Flight Restriction
TFRTarif Forfaitaire de Responsabilité (French: Flat Rate of Liability; insurance)
TFRTerrain Following Radar
TFRTraffic Film Remover (UK car wash product)
TFRTraining for Results (various locations)
TFRThanks for Reading
TFRTransferor (IRB)
TFRTotal Fluid Requirement (healthcare)
TFRTransformée de Fourier Rapide (French: Fast Fourier Transform)
TFRThin-Film Resistor
TFRTransfer Restricted (SS7)
TFRTotal Fixed Remuneration (salary calculation)
TFRTijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht (Dutch: Journal of Tax Law; Belgium)
TFRTampered Failure Rate
TFRTrust Fund Recovery
TFRTraitement de Fin de Rapport (French: Treatment End Report)
TFRTotal Force Readiness (US DoD)
TFRTrouble & Failure Report
TFRTrouble Failure Report
TFRTotal Flight Restriction
TFRTime From Receipt
TFRTime Frequency Reference
TFRTexas Fly Report (fishing)
TFRTask Force Rijeka
TFRTrinomial Failure Rate
TFRTraining Fee Revenue
TFRToo Flaming Right (polite form)
TFRTotal Final Report
TFRTeam Flex Racing
TFRTransparent Failure Recovery
TFRTableau de Formation de Résultats (French: Table Training Results)
TFRTransmit Frame Reference
TFRTechnical Field Report
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TFR of Hindus in the state, on the other hand, has declined from 2.
If NIPS would have used the correct inputs of TFR and LEB, perhaps Pakistan's population would stand at 210 million in 2017, and even more if 1998 census would not have undercounted the country's population.
There's much to enjoy in TFR, but it would have been so much better if the authors focused less on features such as Pep v Jose and onto the genuinely humorous content found towards the book's conclusion.
During my summer flying experience, I encountered three incidents where TFRs reported via XM WX Aviation Weather were either missing or reported in error.
The TFR in 23 districts of BIMARU states is above four per cent i.
A presidential or election-related TFR can pop up literally overnight during election season.
He also declared his worries about the current situation which could lead to a TFR below the replacement level.
The sliding center model with estimated parameters are used to simulate the backscattered signal of the targets, and then the TFR signatures of the simulated backscattered signal are compared with the TFR signatures of the accurate backscattered field computed by FE-BI-MLFMA, as listed in Tables 1 and 2.
Summary: Mashreq was recently recognised at the TFR Excellence Awards 2012 from London-based Trade & Forfaiting Review (TFR) Magazine.
Dubai: Mashreq, one of the UAE's leading financial institutions, was recently recognised at the TFR Excellence Awards 2012 from London-based Trade & Forfaiting Review (TFR) Magazine.
The G8 Summit TFR will be in effect on May 18 and 19, and it will reach into the Washington, D.
A population is said to be stable if the TFR is at the replacement rate, which is a little above 2.