TFRSThe Fund Raising School
TFRSTelework Facility Reimbursement Sheet
TFRSTreasury Financial Reporting System (Australia)
TFRSTotal Force Retention System (software; US Marine Corps)
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Based on UNPD'S estimates and projections of fertility patterns for all countries and territories for the entirety of the post-war era (1950 to 2010), it isolates the "top ten" fertility declines, as measured by both absolute and proportional change in TFRS, registered over any 20-year period.
When ranking the "top ten" historical fertility declines during any 20-year period by country in terms of proportional rather than absolute drops in TFRS, "only" four of the top ten fertility drops to date have occurred in Muslim-majority countries--and "only" two of the top four were Muslim-majority areas (Iran and the Maldives islands) What may be especially noteworthy here, nonetheless, is that places like Kuwait, Oman, and Iran all effected fertility declines of over two-thirds in just 20 years--and that this pace of change exceeded the tempo of fertility decline in almost all of the Pacific Rim societies; the ERIC economies; and the other non-Muslim emerging market economies.
states and the District of Columbia for the year 2007, TFRS in a great many Muslim-majority populations look quite "American" these days.
Drawing upon our experience administering Lotus Notes/Domino, we are confident in assisting Stanley in providing support to TFRS that is second to none, and yields a high value for our Marine Corps customer, both now and for future TFRS development.