TFSSToronto Foundation for Student Success (student advocate organization; Canada)
TFSSTurner Fenton Secondary School (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
TFSSTechnical Field Support Services (Natural Resources Canada)
TFSSTyco Fire and Security Services (China)
TFSSType Four Secretion Apparatus (microbiology)
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Bacterial peptidoglycan can enter gastric epithelial cells via the TFSS, and it then stimulates the cytoplasmic pathogen recognition receptor nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain 1 (Nod1) to activate NF-[kappa]B for induction of inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, and/or tumor necrosis factor [alpha] (TNF[alpha]).
pylori mutants possessing functional TFSS but lacking the cagA gene efficiently induced DSBs in gastric epithelial cells, CagA is unlikely to be a major inducer of this type of DNA damage.
Oxa]88), bombas de eflujo y metales pesados (Co, Zn, Cd); pero ademas, se encuentra todo el locus tra identificado en Agrobacterium tumafeciens, que codifica para el aparato conjugativo TFSS.
As Director of Relationship Management, Densen will oversee all facets of TFSS' client relationship strategy, including direct supervision of the company's relationship management team-- the group dedicated to helping clients solve business problems and helping them meet strategic goals by integrating TFSS products and services.
By forming this alliance with MicroTechnix, we'll be able to provide our clients with a wider variety of technical solutions, especially in the area of network design, security, and tuning" says Rock Griffin, General Manager of TFSS Professional Services.