TFVTour de France à la Voile (French yacht race)
TFVThüringer Fußball Verband (German: Thuringian Football Association)
TFVTrust Fund for Victims (advocacy group)
TFVTechnischer Fachbuch-Vertrieb (German: Technical Reference Book Distribution)
TFVTascal Fax Viewer (software)
TFVThreshold Friction Velocity
TFVThurgauer Fussballverband (German: Thurgau Soccer Association; Switzerland)
TFVTechnicien des Forces de Vente (French: Technician Sales Force)
TFVThe Filthy Violets (band)
TFVTrivalent Flu Vaccine
TFVTucana Film Vidéo (France)
TFVThermal Field Variation
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CMX157 is 97-fold more active against HBV than TFV in vitro
Final results, from a greater number of experiments, improved upon earlier estimates of 60-fold greater potency of CMX157 compared to TFV.
CMX157 is highly liver targeted (rat model), limiting exposure of other tissues to TFV
Blood levels of CMX157 peaked at 1-3 hours and then declined rapidly, becoming undetectable after 6 hours; only low levels of TFV were detected in the peripheral circulation.
CMX157 is rapidly and efficiently converted to the active antiviral, TFV diphosphate by liver cells, consistent with its improved antiviral activity and potential for dose reduction
B can then buy her policy from A's ILIT and that is a TFV exception.
TFV focuses primarily on the communications, IT and life sciences segments, investing in early-stage companies and selective seed and late-stage investments.
This sale will result in better and increased technical support, Internet and Intranet solutions, as well as better information and access to new technologies and new products for TFV customers.
The acquisition will allow TFV to market the full range of IHS Engineering's product line throughout Switzerland and parts of Germany.
We look forward to having TFV join the IHS Engineering team," said Tom Littman, senior vice president, International Sales.
TFV is the largest independent distributor of technical literature, standards, and regulation information in Switzerland.
IHS Expands Its Presence in Switzerland and Germany With Purchase of TFV Inc.