TFVTour de France à la Voile (French yacht race)
TFVThüringer Fußball Verband (German: Thuringian Football Association)
TFVTrust Fund for Victims (advocacy group)
TFVTechnischer Fachbuch-Vertrieb (German: Technical Reference Book Distribution)
TFVTascal Fax Viewer (software)
TFVThreshold Friction Velocity
TFVThurgauer Fussballverband (German: Thurgau Soccer Association; Switzerland)
TFVTechnicien des Forces de Vente (French: Technician Sales Force)
TFVThe Filthy Violets (band)
TFVTrivalent Flu Vaccine
TFVTucana Film Vidéo (France)
TFVThermal Field Variation
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The dephosphorylated TFV is put through a final purification via reversed-phase solid phase extraction.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: PrEP, preexposure prophylaxis; TFV, tenofovir; FTC, emtricitabine; RBC, red blood cell; TFV-DP, TFV diphosphate; FTC-TP, FTC triphosphate; DBS, dried blood spot.
Transfer-for-value (TFV): Under current law, transferring a life insurance policy (or portion) to a co-owner of a LLC is an exception to the TFV rule.
As I have shown, it grew up as a movement strategy--a hybrid discourse that evolved in an effort to argue about the morality of abortion with those outside the ranks of the TFV movement.
B can then buy her policy from A's ILIT and that is a TFV exception.
TFV focuses primarily on the communications, IT and life sciences segments, investing in early-stage companies and selective seed and late-stage investments.
243) The TFV in its First Report highlighted the importance of a "gender sensitive approach" (244) and noted the particular needs of women and children (245) should be considered at every phase.
4506Xpress' TFV (tax filing verification) provides an innovative solution for these types of loan programs, enabling lenders to efficiently confirm the filing status of tax returns associated with stated income and no income verification mortgage applications.
Like Transport for London and major cities around the world, TFV will bring together the planning, coordination and operation of Victorias transport system and its agencies, including VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria (PTV).
TFV is a part of the Tamir Fishman group, Israel's leading technology-focused investment bank, an affiliate of RBC - the Royal Bank of Canada, one of the largest financial groups in the world.
TFV procure a reservation system to receive orders for missions and to manage these missions, according to the requirements of this RFQ.
TFV & Potatoes Product Mgr, West Region: Bob Leifker (bob.