TGAPThe Great and Powerful
TGAPTaxe Générale sur les Activités Polluantes (France)
TGAPTackling Gangs Action Programme (Home Office; UK)
TGAPTexans Getting Academically Prepared (Texas Education Agency; Austin, TX)
TGAPThe Great American Pinup (poetry blog)
TGAPTaiwan Good Agriculture Practice
TGAPTexas Greyhound Adoption Program (formerly Hill Country Greyhound Adoption; est. 1993)
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The TGAP is thus currently assigned to the general budget.
For cured systems of pDGEBA and TGAP, increasing the epoxy functionality leads to increased crosslink density of the network, which causes much more incomplete reaction.
132) This tax would have been added to the existing components of the TGAP and its revenues (expected to be about FF 4 billion) would have been earmarked for the fund financing social security expenditures.
The main peak is the cross-linking reaction between the TGAP and DDS that occurs in the bulk of the mixture, in the extra-gallery regions, and is clearly displaced to longer times as the isothermal cure temperature decreases, as expected.
The blends based on the trifunctional resin TGAP did not show significant transitions both in the viscosity (see Fig.
Figure 9 reports the rheological dynamic test of the blends modified by 20 wt% and 30 wt% of TGAP.
Recharging from transfer Sirmotom Wharf, transport and landfill bulky, including the cost of the landfill and the TGAP.
The resins of higher functionalities, TGAP and TGDDM, show a much smaller monotonic decrease in the reaction peak temperature by only 3-6[degrees]C with each additional 2.
The thermal and dynamic viscoelastic behavior of the blends of various compositions (HBP content 0-20%) have been examined and compared to the neat TGAP matrix.
Consolidated sales data excluding TGAP At June 30 1999 2000 Change with Change excl.