TGLTaeglich (German: daily)
TGLTotal Gaming League (website)
TGLTriglyceride Lipase
TGLTouch and Go Landing (aircraft flight training)
TGLTechnische Güte und Lieferbedingungen (German)
TGLTouch-and-Go Landings
TGLTemporary Guidance Leaflets
TGLTissus Gisèle (French: Gisele Fabrics)
TGLThe Great Library (gaming)
TGLTask Group Leader
TGLThe Great Lighthouse (gaming)
TGLTarget to Gun Line
TGLTechniques du Génie Logiciel (French: Techniques of Software Engineering)
TGLThe Galilean Library (website)
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Plasma TGL concentrations in all DSCP-fed broilers were lower than the concentration in Control-fed broilers and the plasma TGL concentration in broilers fed 3.
After putting Kuo Hua under its fold, TGL will witness its assets hitting NT$627.
MAN has just the right vehicles in its light- and medium-duty TGL and TGM series.
In terms of revenue, he said TGL fared as follows: 2008 - GMD 3.
Modine will be supplying EGR coolers for MAN's new 4 and 6 cylinder D0834 and D0836 engines, mainly used on MAN's new TGL and TGM light and medium truck lines.
6] But in our study TGL level shows no significant changes between the preterm and term babies.
TGL, with 29 employees, engages in the design, development and manufacture of tidal stream turbines that convert the energy of tidal streams into electrical power.
Contract award notice: Supply of rolls for TGL 1800 as follows:
1]C, TGL, VLDL and TGL/HDL ratio were found to be significantly higher (p < 0.
The company won the project following a competitive bidding process initiated by TGL.
Delivery of gear, divided into four lots: First lot - supply of propulsion gearboxes as standard TGL 37 088 14 LA or equivalent; Second lot - Delivery of spare parts for gearboxes catalog of a TGL 37 088 14 LA; Third lot - Supply of auxiliary gear DRTSSM or equivalent; Fourth -Supply lot of gear in design documentation.