TGTGThe Global Travel Group (est. 1993; UK)
TGTGThe Godfather the Game (video game)
TGTGTo God the Glory
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Through the addition of PVP-coated MWCNTs in PVDF, the usual TGTG conformation of [alpha]-polymorph is prevented from crystallizing, yielding instead the Ti' conformation of [beta]-polymorph.
14), the energy level of the TT conformation in [beta] polymorph is higher than that the TGTG conformation in [alpha]-polymorph.
form I ([beta]-type crystalline in planar zigzag conformation, orthorhombic), form II ([alpha]-type crystalline in TGTG, monoclinic), and form III ([gamma]-type crystalline in TTTGTTTG, monoclinic) [20].
Isotactic polystyrene generally forms TGTG 3/1 helices when it crystallizes into a trigonal unit cell (15).