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Application of P90 offered maximum 1000- grain weight (TGW), 24% more than P0 and 10% more than P45, whereas, P45 produced 13% more TGW as compared to P0.
Thousand-grain weight (TGW) and grain yield of the soybean crop under soil management systems and different cover crops Treatment TGW (g) Yield (kg [ha.
By these results (Table 03), it appears that the most parameters or variables interacting with the environment are proteins, TGW, SW and mitadin.
The interaction between nitrogen rates and cultivars did not show significance for DML in R1 stage in 2011/12, GP in 2012/13, TGW in 2012/13 and yield per plant in 2012/13 (Figure 2 A, D, F H).
Believing our strength to be in our customers, our experienced staff of professionals strives to build relationships that will enable TGW to be of greater assistance now and in the future.
Ford captured eight segment leaders in customer satisfaction, TGW or both.
Tom Williams, principal owner of TGW Estate Agents, Valuers and Surveyors, in Aberaeron, said the picture across Wales was mixed.
In addition, the very high TGW of seed this year also means that some who drill on a 'bag/acre' basis have underestimated their actual requirements.
TGW International was established as a knife maker in 1908 and remains a family-owned company today.
Subsequently, the TGW moved to an ugly building at the bottom of Islington which has lain derelict for many years.
Mike Pendred, former fisher and member of the TGW Union,26 Britannia Road, Norwich.