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THAGTourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana
THAGTravel Health Advisory Group (est. 1997; Australia)
THAGTeesside Homeless Action Group (UK)
THAGTrent Hospice Audit Group (est. 1990; palliative care standards; UK)
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With the advent of the Bos--they call the thing a thag within Pellucidar--two spears were tossed into the arena at the feet of the prisoners.
Upon one side of the doomed pair the thag bellowed and advanced, and upon the other tarag, the frightful, crept toward them with gaping mouth and dripping fangs.
The thag was charging now from one side, and the tarag from the other.
A little of this so disconcerted the tiger, knocking its breath from it I imagine, that it lost its hold and then, quick as a cat, the great thag was up again and had buried those mighty horns deep in the tarag's abdomen, pinning him to the floor of the arena.
Yet through all the agony of that fearful punishment the thag still stood motionless pinning down his adversary, and then the man leaped in, seeing that the blind bull would be the least formidable enemy, and ran his spear through the tarag's heart.
One would have thought that an entire herd of thags was loose behind them, rather than a single blinded, dying beast; but such is the effect of panic upon a crowd.
When I had come upon him he was clothed in rough sadak sandals, a gee-string and a tunic fashioned from the shaggy hide of a thag.
khong tsho'i snang ba la gsod ba'i nyes pa chen po de mi brtsi bar/ phran tshegs byin pa la phan yon chen po 'ong du re bas khong rang tsho'i nyes pa 'dag pa dang/ sems can de nged chos lcags thag 'then 'then byas chog pa lta bu'i re ba chen po zhig bdag ste ga nas yod/ .
The Hatung La and Thag La passes are still standing tall while Nyamjang Chu and Namka Chu (rivers), which were witness to the gory conflict and the gallant acts of the Indian forces still flow as usual, whose green waters ask - Is India ready for trial of strength?
In June 1962, Indian forces set up a station at Dhola, on the southern slopes of the Thag La Ridge.
An imaginary Paleolithic hunter we'll call Thag uses pointy rocks on the end of his stick to bring down game.
Not quite so welcome is thug, from an Indian religious sect given to robbery and murder, via the Hindi thag, meaning thief, and before that Sanskrit's sthaga, for rogue.