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asked Meg, as she and Jo ran down to thank her for their gifts, half an hour later.
He had come to thank us for the presents, and for all grandmother's kindness to his family.
What thanks, what ardent and ceaseless thanks are due to that all-superintending Providence which has turned a cruel war into peace, brought order out of confusion, made the fierce savages placid, and turned away their hostile weapons from our country
Elizabeth was eager with her thanks and assurances of happiness.
rubbed his hands while receiving the thanks of our friend.
Suitors are so distasted with delays and abuses, that plain dealing, in denying to deal in suits at first, and reporting the success barely, and in challenging no more thanks than one hath deserved, is grown not only honorable, but also gracious.
The trooper thanks his informant and rides slowly on, looking about him.
Don't say anything about it, because, thanks to this nap, I shall be able to come every evening and chat for an hour with you.
As soon as they were well away, the Fox departed without taking any notice of the Woodcutter: whereon he called to him and reproached him, saying, "You ungrateful fellow, you owe your life to me, and yet you leave me without a word of thanks.
ll know what to do; so go, and take this wrapper with you; it 's done now, thanks to your nimble fingers.
Then, in an outburst of joy, he thanks and blesses everything that has led up to this happy day, which has brought him under "Love's yoke which easy is and sure.
I must contrive to bear with you, you mean,' said I; 'for so long as I discharge my functions of steward and house-keeper, so conscientiously and well, without pay and without thanks, you cannot afford to part with me.