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THAWTony Hawk's American Wasteland (video game)
THAWThe Heat and Warmth Fund
THAWTheaters Against War
THAWTemporary Heating Assistance for Warmth (Ohio)
THAWTime-Harmonic Acoustic Wave
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As the spring gradually approached, the immense piles of snow that, by alternate thaws and frosts, and repeated storms, had obtained a firmness which threatened a tiresome durability, began to yield to the influence of milder breezes and a warmer sun.
As exercise in the open air was in some degree necessary to the habits of the family, when the constant recurrence of frosts and thaws rendered the roads, which were dangerous at the most favorable times, utterly impassable for wheels, saddle-horses were used as substitutes for other conveyances.
This I knew to be the pilot's voice, and upon recollecting myself I concluded that he had spoken these words to me some days before, though I could not hear them before the present thaw.
How it was that the kit could be heard during the frost and yet still be heard in the thaw we are not told.
When a left rocked Sor, Thaw moved in with a follow-up kick and the referee called a halt to the fight.
John Thaw appeared in the first Inspector Morse drama behind the wheel of his 1960 Mark II red Jaguar in 1987.
THAW made a $10 million equity contribution towards the financing, which has also been factored into the rating.
Since 1975, New Yorkers have been able to experience various iterations of the Thaw Collection of drawings in exhibitions at the Morgan Library & Museum.
Recent house fires in Aurora and near Huntley, and a fire Tuesday at the Algonquin Sub Shop were ignited when the owners attempted to thaw frozen pipes using propane or kerosene heaters.
GE Healthcare introduced the first in its VIA Thaw series, the VIA Thaw CB1000 for thawing large volumes of cell therapies cryopreserved in cryo-bags.
An industry first, the ThawSTAR Automated Cell Thawing System replaces uncontrolled and highly variable manual methods with a customisable algorithm to thaw each unique cell therapy product to maintain maximum cellular efficacy.
1) Purge loss including thaw drip for freezing treatments (E2, A3E2, and E2A3).