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THCTetrahydrocannabinol (psychoactive compound in marijuana)
THCTexas Historical Commission (aka Texas SHPO)
THCThe History Channel
THCTerminal Handling Charge
THCThermohaline Circulation
THCTotal Hydrocarbon
THCTexas Hill Country
THCThomas Haden Church (actor)
THCTrillium Health Centre (West Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
THCTenet Health Care
THCThe Harvard Crimson (college newspaper)
THCThe Hangover Cure (Apollo Nutrition LLC)
THCThe Hope Conspiracy (band)
THCThe Hackers Choice
THCTennessee Historical Commission
THCTemperature and Humidity Control
THCTexas Hardcore (music website)
THCTranslational Hand Controller
THCTotal Health Center (Marlboro college)
THCTexas Hemp Campaign
THCTwo Hand Control
THCThe High Children (band)
THCThrashing Hectic Circle (San Francisco area punk band)
THCThe Happy Chemical (THC in marijuana)
THCTesting for Higher Credentials (movie "How High")
THCTetrahydrachloride (industrial solovent)
THCTattoo Healing Cream
THCTeam Hyper Combo (gaming)
THCToxic Hazard Corridor
THCThe Hunting Club (gaming clan)
ThCThe Humble Crew (gaming clan)
THCTree House Consulting (California)
THCTarget Heading Change
THCTurnagainhardcore (website)
THCTarget Homing Correlator
THCTechnical Head Count
THCThe Hippy Clan (gaming)
THCThunder Hill Crew
THCTrace Heating Control
THCTsinghua Class of Changsha First Middle School, Hunan, PR China
THCThe History Carper (website)
THCTelecommunications Host Controller
THCThe Headline Company (Guelph, ON, Canada)
THCthe Hammers Company, Inc.
THCThe Hope Center (est. 1998)
THCTenderloin Housing Clinic (California)
THCThe Human Condition (band)
THCTexas Hippie Coalition (band)
THCThe High Council (gaming)
THCTrades Hall Council (Victoria, Australia)
THCTraditional Health Care
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This was clearly going to be a testing time for the suspended unions in maintaining a united front, which in turn required exercising a degree of organisation power over themselves in order to be able to exert concerted organisation power over the THC.
Las imagenes del cerebro de una persona bajo los efectos de la marihuana con alta concentracion de THC muestran una reduccion de la actividad en la corteza inferior frontal.
The selection of THC as property manager marks the addition of another Marriott brand under the firm's management.
Our 2-year studies (3,4) showed that the observed THC antitumor effects are not confined to the site of injection or administration, and these antitumor effects seem to affect a range of "spontaneous" tumors commonly found in rats and mice.
Montana's House Resolution 2 is somewhat more assertive by requesting that the federal government officially define "hemp" as having less than one percent THC.
Because the THC content of the average joint may vary, and because many people use marijuana only occasionally, rather than on a daily basis like alcohol or tobacco, its health effects have been difficult to measure.
THC's web-based products, which include the flagship THC Market Risk Solutions, can be rapidly deployed.
He said that his device can detect THC on someone's breaths for a few hours after they have smoked or ingested it.
PLOT-cryo is so sensitive that it can capture and analyze even the relatively few molecules of THC that escape into the vapor phase.
Ample well space is available for samples to be run in duplicate or triplicate (depending on sample number) to detect THC levels down to per se statute limits (1.
Functional testing may also have illuminated variations in the degree of impairment between chronic and occasional smokers and how this correlated with the statistical differences in median breath THC concentration reported.
The study, by researchers at the University of South Carolina's School of Medicine, was performed by injecting laboratory mice with THC and analyzing 609 microRNAs.