THDSScrew Threads
THDSThe Home Depot Supply (The Home Depot, Inc.)
THDSThe Hague Death Squad (gaming clan)
THDSThermal Helium Desorption Spectroscopy
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THDS also subscribes to service-learning principles.
Working in teams and learning from and with each other is an essential aspect of the THDS pedagogy.
The projects that students develop and present for approval by faculty and program administrators must comply with five THDS tenets: partnership, reciprocity, capacity-building, sustainability, and reflection.
However, THDS practitioners find it essential in order to foster the type of solidarity-based, two-way relationships among dignified equals that is required to avoid charity-based, one-way hierarchical interactions (Strenecky & De Leon, 2012a).
During the first three weeks of classes, students in the service-learning course sections participate in THDS training and the CEDARS Volunteer training.
Affiliates are required to give NAA at least 90 days' notice prior to conducting an event so NAA and THDS have enough time to properly plan and schedule events.