THEARCTown Hall Education Arts, and Recreation Campus (Washington, DC)
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THEARC was built by Building Bridges Across the River, the nonprofit organization founded by William C.
While THEARC was designed as a facility to provide resources to underserved children and families east of the River, it has become a world-class facility that attracts local and national attention.
There are currently eleven not-for-profit resident partners at THEARC, including arts organizations: The Washington Ballet, the Levine School of Music, and The Corcoran Gallery of Art.
To learn more about THEARC and to view photos please visit the One City Location of the Month (http://film.
THEARC is a home away from home for the many underserved children and adults of East of the River, enabling them to participate in dance classes, music instruction, fine arts, academics, continuing education, mentoring, tutoring, recreation, medical and dental care, and other services at a substantially reduced cost or no cost at all.
Yet THEARC is home to a variety of arts outreach programs, among them The Washington Ballet@THEARC.
While a parent of a first-year ballet student at the main academy pays $1,400 annually, at THEARC tuition is on a sliding scale from a full subsidy, requiring only a $20 registration fee, to $280 a year.
They hope eventually to provide the same 12-year training program at THEARC that exists at the main academy.
For older students who hope to continue in dance, THEARC puts essential training within their reach.
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