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Some of the nominees in this year's Godiva Awards include; THEAT A RE ABSOLUTE, COVENTRY - The UK's first professional Shop Front Theatre is based in City Arcade and home to Theatre Absolute, which is an independent theatre company from Coventry.
Amnesty's Gulf research Mustafa Qadri and Qatar has improved 'very visible' aspects of labour conditions like safety and worker accommodation but many 'hidden abuses' including theats to workers and failure to honour pay co
THEATRE Kali THEAT Thea re: Twelve: mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, until April 17.
The Financial Market Surveillance and Regulation Service has set up a working group to regularly sutdy situation at the world financial markets and timely respond to possible financial theats and risks for the sake of stability of domestic non-banking market.
The aim is to implement a series of actions, ranging from mine-clearing, disposal and demolition of weapon arsenals to education on the theats posed by landmines or the re-integration of victims into the community.
Bathurst - whose unpromising debut on the London stage was as a spear carrier in St Joan at the National Theats - has made it.
Kids of all ages seem to anjoy them, which has made these frozen theats a recurring item on the shopping lists of nutritionally-aware parents.
BAE Systems today unveils some of the biggest cyber theats to Malaysian businesses: The Unusual Suspects report reveals the unseen, threatening, mysterious adversaries businesses must defend against.