THEATRONTheatre History in Europe: Architectural and Textual Resources Online
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The word theatre is derived from the Greek theatron (a place for seeing).
In the last 12 months, top research projects at Warwick have included THEATRON, a computerised reconstruction of ancient theatres and amphitheatres, and an in-depth study into the success of the National Lottery.
The Theatron project, helped by a pounds 450,000 Euro-grant, is creating virtual, three-dimensional models of 30 "iconic" theatres from European history, some of which have not seen a smear of greasepaint in more than two millennia.
The origins of the Theatron - ancient Greek for "the seeing place" from which we get the word theatre - stemmed from work Prof Beacham was doing a few years ago, by making videos of ancient theatres for his drama students.
To get a pounds 250,000 grant from the John Paul Getty Foundation, Prof Beacham worked with a team of specialist Berlin architects - now partners in Theatron - to create a virtual copy of the Dresden theatre and to show how it could be restored.
But he said the resource, called "Ancient Theatre and its Legacy" and developed by Theatron, would also be available to the public.