THECTennessee Higher Education Commission
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Until the institution responds to letters requested by THEC and is approved for authorization, Knoxville College cannot enroll, recruit or instruct students.
The terms "remedial" and "developmental" are not formally defined by THEC.
The THEC director also said he hopes the state will reform adult education, saying schools need to "capture or recapture more older students.
The institutions were chosen through a competitive application process and the Tennessee Promise Forward grants are administered by THEC.
Students dont have to go far for help with any step of the college process, THEC Executive Director Mike Krause said.
Selected schools, chosen through a rigorous evaluation process by THEC and a team of proposal readers, all indicated a commitment to collaborative and innovative college access programming.
The Advise TN partner schools are a diverse and exciting group of high schools, THEC Executive Director Mike Krause said.
Many of these students are researching options and time is of the essence for them, said THEC Executive Director Mike Krause.
THEC set up a hotline for students to call with questions regarding their individual situations and the agency has also been continuously updating its website with new information as it is available.
Our immediate priority is limiting the negative impact of the closure on the nearly 2,000 Tennessee students enrolled at ITT Tech, said THEC Executive Director Mike Krause.
Without adult learners, we dont reach the Drive to 55, said THEC Executive Director Mike Krause.
According to THECs calculations, Tennessee leads the nation in FAFSA filing by large margins.