THECBTexas Higher Education Coordinating Board
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Jumping off from that, THECB let each school know what needed to be accomplished and individual campuses crafted their plans from there.
The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems was recently commissioned to study what kind of setup would be most effective for a statewide administration for community colleges - a role that typically would fall to the THECB.
For fiscal years 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2007, the THECB required all universities participating in the RDF to submit annual spending reports on their RDF appropriations.
Early in 1998, THECB Advisory Committee on Core Curriculum set out several guidelines for the development of a state core curriculum.
The THECB also announced a series of contests to be held as part of GenTX day activities designed to encourage students, families and organization to unite and support college enrollment in their community.
The THECB has consistently worked to involve community college stakeholders in decisions that impact the sector," he wrote, adding that Paredes "regularly describes these institutions in his presentations to the Legislature as the 'linchpin' of both public and higher education that provide the best bargains in postsecondary education across the country.
The THECB selected eight Texas universities to be part of the launch of this new program that offers specialized programs with online, compressed, and regular course offerings for returning students.
There is a set student/faculty ratio that must be maintained and this program is designed to enable institutions to hire additional faculty or supplement faculty salaries to help keep them in the classroom," THECB said in a statement sent to the Tribune.
THECB estimates 750,000 citizens will have "decreased or eliminated access to physician services" as a result of the cuts.
Judith Loredo, Assistant Commissioner for P-16 Initiatives at the THECB.
Texas' Closing the Gaps higher education plan, adopted by the THECB in October 2000, calls for enrolling 1.
Subsequent meetings and a formal mediation with the THECB failed to resolve the matter, so ICR filed suit in order to reverse the THECB ruling.