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THEEThe Home Education Exchange (Canada)
THEEThe Heaven and Earth Experience (christian camp, Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri)
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I have given thee much time and have heard thee patiently.
I have spoken to thee, friend," said Robin sternly, "and I now tell thee again, that thou goest not one step forward till thou hast done as I bid thee.
Blood they would have from thee in all innocence; blood their bloodless souls crave for--and they sting, therefore, in all innocence.
They buzz around thee also with their praise: obtrusiveness, is their praise.
Ruth Stedman," said Rachel, coming joyfully forward; "how is thee, Ruth?
Ruth, this friend is Eliza Harris; and this is the little boy I told thee of.
Why, thee canstna get the coffin ready," said Lisbeth.
Of did Loxias beget thee, for he haunts the upland wold;
Let nor call nor song nor sign Turn thee from thy hunting-line.
tis but a viper Whom thou hast cherished to sting thee to the soul
The cause of that soreness," said Don Quixote, "will be, no doubt, that the staff wherewith they smote thee being a very long one, it caught thee all down the back, where all the parts that are sore are situated, and had it reached any further thou wouldst be sorer still.
Yet what thou canst attain, which best may serve To glorifie the Maker, and inferr Thee also happier, shall not be withheld Thy hearing, such Commission from above I have receav'd, to answer thy desire Of knowledge within bounds; beyond abstain To ask, nor let thine own inventions hope Things not reveal'd, which th' invisible King, Onely Omniscient, hath supprest in Night, To none communicable in Earth or Heaven: Anough is left besides to search and know.