THELTactical High Energy Laser
THELTheater High Energy Laser
THELTransformed Hamster Embryonic Lung Cells
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and Israeli THEL, although with enhanced capability to engage surface-to-air missiles and PGMs for point defense.
The contractor for the THEL weapon, Northrop Grumman Corp.
In May 1996, the US established the THEL Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) and signed a memorandum of agreement with Israel in July.
Under the current $89 million THEL ACTD, the US is providing $59.
THEL is a promising start, but it's not what the U.
The THEL includes radar that identifies Katyusha rockets and a laser system that strikes at them, Mr Weinreich said.
Our systems engineering skills, in-depth knowledge of high-energy laser systems and program management expertise position us not only to develop a mobile, more capable version of THEL, but also to produce laser-based solutions for more advanced Department of Defense air- and space-based defense missions.
NOTE TO EDITORS: To obtain the latest photos, video clips and information about the THEL/ACTD program, please visit the THEL Web site: www.
It also provides a very positive opportunity for our customers to consider developing more mobile versions of THEL.
Miller noted that digitized flow controllers manufactured by EMCO are key components in the high-energy chemical laser that is at the heart of THEL, a stand-alone system designed to intercept low-flying threats such as rockets, mortars and cruise missiles on very short notice.
Over the next several months, explained Romesser, the THEL team will integrate the pointer-tracker system and demonstrate that the C3I system can "hand off" tracking information about the Katyushas in flight to the pointer-tracker system.
14, TRW also conducted four high-power optimization tests of the THEL laser subsystem.