THELTactical High Energy Laser
THELTheater High Energy Laser
THELTransformed Hamster Embryonic Lung Cells
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and Israeli THEL, although with enhanced capability to engage surface-to-air missiles and PGMs for point defense.
The contractor for the THEL weapon, Northrop Grumman Corp.
THEL is a promising start, but it's not what the U.
The current THEL weighs about 400,000 pounds, about 10 times the payload capacity of the C-130.
NOTE TO EDITORS: To obtain the latest MTHEL test bed news and still images, or to obtain background information on lasers and the THEL/MTHEL programs, please visit TRW's electronic THEL press kit at http://www.
The THEL includes radar that identifies Katyusha rockets and a laser system that strikes at them, Mr Weinreich said.
Our systems engineering skills, in-depth knowledge of high-energy laser systems and program management expertise position us not only to develop a mobile, more capable version of THEL, but also to produce laser-based solutions for more advanced Department of Defense air- and space-based defense missions.
NOTE TO EDITORS: To obtain the latest photos, video clips and information about the THEL/ACTD program, please visit the THEL Web site: www.
Any future THEL developments would benefit from continued testing and performance evaluations of the THEL/ACTD's current subsystems, he added.
Miller noted that digitized flow controllers manufactured by EMCO are key components in the high-energy chemical laser that is at the heart of THEL, a stand-alone system designed to intercept low-flying threats such as rockets, mortars and cruise missiles on very short notice.
Over the next several months, explained Romesser, the THEL team will integrate the pointer-tracker system and demonstrate that the C3I system can "hand off" tracking information about the Katyushas in flight to the pointer-tracker system.
14, TRW also conducted four high-power optimization tests of the THEL laser subsystem.