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THEMESThematic Network on Safety Assessment of Waterborne Transport (shipping safety standards; EU)
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The earth's great axis spinning on, The never-resting pole of sky -- Let us resolve their Whence and Why, And blend with all things into One; Beyond the bounds of thought and dream, Circling the vasty void as spheres Whose orbits round a thousand years: Behold the Key that fits my theme.
The Eastern tale-teller has for his theme the disguised expeditions of Haroun Alraschid with his faithful attendants, Mesrour and Giafar, through the midnight streets of Bagdad; and Scottish tradition dwells upon the similar exploits of James V.
In merry England there is no end of popular ballads on this theme.
Our present theme, however, has regard only to its manifestation in words.
The Haunted House," by the same author, is one of the truest poems ever written,--one of the truest, one of the most unexceptionable, one of the most thoroughly artistic, both in its theme and in its execution.
To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme.
In the strictest theory there should be an essential connection between them; for instance, they may illustrate different and perhaps contrasting aspects of the general theme.
As I once more got under way, my thoughts slowly loitered back to the theme which had been occupying them before I dropped asleep.
Rochester has to do with the theme you had introduced.
There is also the fact that there are not many quality backend themes available in the market.
It is one of the most advanced themes in Odoo App store which offers next gen features along with great benefits.
Calling out developers and smartphone enthusiasts, Lenovo India today announced the "Make it Yours" theme contest where participants are invited to create and submit UI (user interface) themes running on the Cyanogen operating system for the Cyanogen Theme store.