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THEOTexas Homeless Education Office (University of Texas at Austin)
THEOTraining for Health and Employment Opportunities (Canada)
THEOThey Help Each Other
THEOTemple Health Empowerment Office (Philadelphia, PA)
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Claire tried to warn her that Theo already did know how Ciara felt, because he did eventually get to read the letter she wrote him, but he was committed to Claire.
Theo knew he sometimes "presented like a girl"--like when he would Snapchat crowns of flowers on photos of his kitten, or how he colored his hair every shade of the rainbow.
Natalie said: "Proton therapy would give Theo the best chance at surviving the cancer and by minimising the damage to his healthy brain.
To take part, business owners should tweet Theo about their business between 5pm and 7pm on Sunday and include the hashtag #SBS.
After reading Holly's message, Theo tweeted about the business to his followers and the company has since seen a surge in orders for their solid oak baby hand and footprint keepsakes.
The mother-of-two said: "We've had Theo since he was a tiny kitten - he was so small he could fit in the palm of my partner's hand.
Success for Adam, 31, and Theo didn't happen overnight.
Theo was prescient in recognizing that very low levels of exposure can have profound and lasting health effects, that timing plays a role in determining health outcomes, that environmental exposures can affect several generations, and that severity of a health effect does not always increase with dose in a linear fashion.
I was so lucky I didn't lose more than just that one finger," says Theo, whose own three sons are now aged 17, 18 and 26.
Now 16 months old, Theo had been booked in to have surgery today - but Sarah said due to other emergencies his operation had been cancelled.
Una vez que ha contado el ataque terrorista donde Theo pierde a su madre y la manera en que aprovecha el tumulto para robar un cuadro del museo, la autora hace viajar a su protagonista a traves de Estados Unidos en su adolescencia y hacia Europa en su juventud.
We followed the proposal of Heiner Kamps and are convinced that Ronald will successfully continue to lead the Unternehmensgruppe on its growth path," said Theo Muller, the sole shareholder of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Muller.