THICThe Haunting in Connecticut (movie)
THICThe Heart Institute for Children
THICTape Head Interface Committee (technology forum)
THICThe Health Industry Council (Texas)
THICTennessee Health Information Consortium (medical libraries)
THICThe Home Insulation Company (Australia)
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As an organization, THIC can mobilize broader resources to address specific issues more effectively and quickly than any single vendor, user or researcher could and keep the participants at the cutting edge of technology with R&D focused in the right direction.
As a key user of advanced tape recording technologies, I view THIC as an indispensable tool for the open communication of new approaches to information storage and retrieval," states Alan Montgomery, current THIC chairman.
Over the years, most of the tape recording technology industry has been represented at THIC either as a sponsor, associate sponsor or presenter.
Sony is pleased to be a long-time supporter of THIC and has gained many benefits by being an integral part of this organization," explained Dr.
After 70 years in the imaging and information business, Fujifilm is very happy to share this anniversary with THIC.
As an associate sponsor, StorageTek(R) has also been closely involved in THIC and we value the contribution that our association with THIC has meant to StorageTek," said Robert Raymond, PhD, manager and Engineering consultant.
Imation is a worldwide leader in removable magnetic storage media and strongly supports key organizations like THIC that are committed to the research and development of advanced magnetic recording technologies," said Ron Zinke, vice president, Imation's Data Storage Media business.
17] Thus, e thics are inherent and incorporative not because they annihilate us and deny our agency, but because they constitute us within the given commonness of our shared Being.