THIMUNThe Hague International Model United Nations
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Linda Dubock, chair of the THIMUN Foundation, thanked the company for its support.
THIMUN is a unique platform that enables students to collaborate with each other to address global conflict-resolution issues, he said.
Another highlight of the event was the screening of the best film of the 2012 THIMUN in collaboration with Northwestern University in Qatar.
Eliah English, the THIMUN Qatar Secretary-General, welcomed the gathering.
The THIMUN Conference has been brought to Qatar by Qatar Academy, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.
In line with our support of Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030, Qatar Shell has been sponsoring THIMUN for the past seven years.
We are delighted to extend our partnership with THIMUN Qatar for the next five years," Sherwin said.
The mission of THIMUN Qatar is to provide students from various countries and backgrounds with the opportunity to practise tolerance, live together in peace and seek solutions through dialogue to the various challenges facing the world," said Maha al-Romaihi, assistant principal of Qatar Academy.
It was for these very reasons that the THIMUN Foundation and Qatar Academy partnership was formed," the official said.
THIMUN Qatar, a partnership between Qatar Academy and the THIMUN Foundation, supports Model United Nations programmes and conferences in schools around the region.
Besides the leadership conference, THIMUN Qatar also co-hosts an international film festival with Northwestern University in Qatar.
The THIMUN Qatar office works with schools throughout the region to support the development of national programmes, to provide leadership training seminars, and access to educational materials.