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THKTürk Hava Kurumu
THKThe House Keepers (band)
THKTeachers for Healthy Kids (Sacramento, CA)
THKTurk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force)
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The financial crimes unit conducted searches at the THK headquarters in Ankara and the GE[micro]kcen Aviation company office.
We are very happy to realize a contract with Eurocopter and to enhance our strategic and fruitful cooperation in the Turkish market," said THK President Osman Yildirim, The EC135 has a cruising speed of 158 miles per hour and a range of 395 miles.
THK University, Turkey's first aviation and space sciences university, plans to fly the country's first unmanned aircraft by next year in collaboration with the Middle East Trade and Industry Center (OSTIM).
THK blamed foreign competition and the loss of a contract with an aviation firm in Wolverhampton for the closure.
I invite all young people interested in civil aviation to attend the THK University, Yildirim also said.
What THK wants is for DRT to provide Kowabunga / MYAP with a road map of how the DirectTrack(R) databases and systems fit together.
Jacobs, the CEO of THK, believed that he could enter this market space, acquire a number of companies by setting unrealistic expectations, and become a dominant player.
Speaking at a press conference held in the western province of Isparta, Yildirim said that the THK will begin sending astronauts to space in Turkish space shuttles as of 2023, the year when Turkey will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of its republic.
THK has two separate maintenance centers in Ankara and Istanbul.
Established in 1925 upon directives of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, THK is a non-profit organization with an aim of increasing public awareness and participation in aviation related activities and the national body governing air sports in Turkey.
Although their total maximum earn-out payment is considerably lower, as shareholders they realize this realignment should have long term positive impact on our earnings and growth potential, and therefore greater return for all THK investors.
In addition, current Litmus Media subsidiary CEO John Linden will become THK's Chief Technology Officer, and current THK Chief Operating Officer George Douaire has been appointed president of THK's Consumer Services Division to revive its profitability and growth and lead it through its proposed sale under a previously announced Letter of Intent.