THMCTop Hatters Motorcycle Club (California)
THMCTwin Horn Motorcycle Club (Croatia)
THMCTrevor Huddleston Memorial Centre (Johannesburg, South Africa)
THMCTime Homogeneous Markov Chain (computer science)
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These services will be made in the following areas - Structural characteristics of selected bentonite materials,- The characteristics of the physico-chemical properties of these bentonites- Geotechnical characteristics,- Bentonite interaction with materials relevant to the TDC and their transformation due to processes that can take place in TDC,- THMC models- Bacterial interactions.
The Thattai Hindu Mercantile Community (THMC) is already in talks with business houses on projects concerning solar energy and construction equipment, THMC general secretary Manoj Bhatia said yesterday.
The project will support research in the following areas: - structural characterization of selected bentonite material against characteristic physico-chemical properties of these bentonitu- geotechnical charakteristika- bentonite interaction with materials relevant to the TDC and its transformation influence processes that can take place in TDC - THMC bacterial modely- interaction.