THMPTexas HIV Medication Program (Texas Department of Health)
THMPTerminal Homing Munitions Projectile
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Looking at the satisfaction levels for THMP students for the asynchronous and synchronous educational components, there is a positive level toward the "agree" opinion which is similar to the responses of CTPP students (see Table 2).
However, the standard deviation for remote live-support desk help for THMP students was 1.
We applied Independent Samples T-Test to see the difference of satisfaction levels between CTPP and THMP students or simply, to test and analyze if there is a significant difference in terms of means between the two Programs.
An Independence Samples T-test was conducted to explore significant differences of opinions of CTPP and THMP students on distance education components.
We conducted a survey of CTPP and THMP students at the end of the first year and after their final exam to evaluate all the above-mentioned distance education components.
Different grades for harmonisation of THMP result due to differences in the status for registration and mutual recognition of product-specific documentation, community monographs and list entries as referenced in Directive 2004/24/EC (Table 3).
Indications appropriate to THMP which, by virtue of their composition and purpose, are intended and designed for use without supervision of a medical practitioner for diagnostic purposes or for prescription or monitoring of treatment.
From a legal point of view, solely the plausibility of THMP may be insufficient to support a certain pharmacological effect as required by ECJ.
Consequently the simplified registration procedure for THMP should be assessed with regard to its attractiveness for applicants as they consist of ambivalent substances due to the thesis established above.
Simplifications Product Community List entry for THMP specific monograph registration acc.
Needless to say that manufacturers of botanical food supplements in all of Europe would soon see themselves faced with enormous added investment for drug authorizations or THMP registrations, just as U.
MHRA has urged companies to turn their unlicensed herbal remedies into THMPs in order to avoid being taken off the shelves.