THMSTucson High Magnet School (Tucson, Arizona)
THMSThomas Harrison Middle School (Harrisonburg, VA)
THMSTower Hamlets Mediation Service (London, England, UK)
THMSToronto Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium (Canada)
THMSThomas Hunter Middle School (Mathews, VA)
THMSTruss Head Machine Screw
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Some theorize that the Traditional Himalayan Medicine System (THMS), passed down by word of mouth, was spread along this trade route as well, and that the medical traditions of Tibet and China, and the Ayurvedic system of India have their origins in THMS.
However, it represents a smaller water quality problem with regard to THMS and color.
For the purpose of investigating the control of THMS, using ion exchange resins, the THM formation potentials of each organic fraction in molecular weight range of greater than 10K, 5 to 10K, 1 to 5K, 0.