THOATransplantation of Human Organs Act (India)
THOATaller de Historia Andina (Spanish: Andean History Workshop)
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On this Thoas son of Andraemon threw off his cloak and set out running to the ships, whereon I took the cloak and lay in it comfortably enough till morning.
The sources said the disputed lot has been processed by the NHA for distribution to beneficiaries, many of them belonging to THOA.
CONAMAQ and THOA maintain a supportive but skeptical relationship with Morales and his Movimiento al Socialismo (Movement for Socialism, MAS) party.
Sermonia said Ledesma had a rival for the leadership of THOA but he did not elaborate.
Overall, India has failed to capitalise on the introduction of THOA due to lack of enforcement, poor regulation and seemingly corruptive practices pervading the system.
There is no describing Thoas himself with his ornithological scepter, his checkered robe and his scarlet beard.
Appelbaum, Steven, Rui Lopes, Lynda Audet, Anthony Steed, Marlene Jacob, Thoas Augustinos & Dimitrios Manolopoulos (2003), "Communication during Downsizing of a Telecommunications Company.
Borrow J, Goddard AD, Gibbons B, Katz F, Swirsky D, Thoas F, et al.
The striker still had plenty of work to do but after Thoas Sorensen had blocked his initial left-foot shot, Samaras clinically stroked home the rebound with his right.
THOAS Es spricht kein Gott; es spricht dein eignes Herz.
The play is populated with all the familiar characters of heroic tragedy: Thoas is the ineffectual and impotent king; Circe the libidinous, Machiavellian queen; Iphigenia, the captive princess; Orestes and Pylades, captive prince and faithful companion respectively; and Ithacus and Osmida, the unfortunate, unrequited lovers.