THRCTextiles Human Resources Council (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
THRCTennessee Human Rights Commission
THRCTuebingen Hearing Research Centre (Germany)
THRCThe Horse Racing Channel (broadcaster; UK)
THRCTarget Heart Rate Calculator (software)
THRCTheoretical Hourly Ride Capacity (theoretical number of passengers handled by an amusement ride)
THRCTacoma Human Rights Commission (Tacoma, Washington)
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Former Attheraces channel editor Jim Ramsay, whose claim that `old' ATR were misleading the courses over the station's future plans led to his being asked to take gardening leave, is leading the search for talent to appear on THRC.
The THRC spokesperson added: "We hope to be on the screens around then.
William Hill's announcement last week that they are taking over control of the content on iSportsTV later this year seemed a body-blow to THRC.
South Africa has been operating pool betting on UK racing since June 2003, taking pictures under an arrangement with Attheraces, and Phumelela had been in discussions with both its successor, At The Races, and THRC.
How much of a difference will depend on the partners, and particularly on the Phumelela side of the South African racing and betting joint venture with which THRC, for overseas broadcasting rights, and the Tote, for pool betting co-mingling, are doing business.
The position of Doncaster, which has been accepted as a THRC course, remains in doubt after this week's decision by the local council to enter into a joint venture with Arena.
Phumelela will be responsible for the worldwide distribution and exploitation of pictures from THRC courses and will promote the mingling of pool betting, principally between the UK and South Africa, but other countries will be involved in time.
While THRC promoters remain tight-lipped about where and when they will start broadcasting live racing from the major tracks, Hills' chief executive David Harding said he knew nothing about THRC's aspirations - and did not want to know.
However, from what we do know, only THRC will allow racecourses to control their rights and the way they are
Meanwhile, in further developments yesterday, THRC confirmed that Highflyer, producers of Channel 4 Racing and previously of Attheraces, would be responsible for its output, and the BHB distanced itself from a newspaper report that it had come down firmly on the side of THRC.
THRC spokesman Rod Fabricius, whose own track Goodwood begins
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