THUMSTotal Human Model for Safety
THUMSTotal Human Model for Safety (Toyota)
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Since 2007, Toyota has been using THUMS not only for general automobiles, but also to analyze injuries due to crashes in motorsports.
Last year, as part of its continued commitment toward improving vehicle safety performance, Toyota enhanced its THUMS virtual crash dummy software with a new range of models.
THUMS was positioned 30 mm above the ground to account for shoe height [11], in the stock posture (standing with its legs side by side) facing the left side of the vehicle.
THUMS is also increasingly being used in the field of motor sports.
TMC intends to continue to use THUMS for analyzing internal injuries resulting from automobile collisions, applying the results to developing and improving safety devices such as seatbelts and airbags.
Because an increasing amount of vehicle development is being done in the virtual world, Kuzumaki notes, THUMS is designed to be used during the virtual crash test phase.
The THUMS Version 4 AM50 Occupant model has been validated by comparing the mechanical response and the injuries between the literature and the dynamic simulation [7].
TMC has been using the data and information to carry out virtual collisions using THUMS and to simulated racecar seat designs, which have succeeded in replicating spinal injuries from high-speed rear impact collisions.
After tuning the SVM to have a similar frontal crash response as a 2012 Ford Escape, the next step in the crash reconstruction was to implement THUMS into the SVM and run a positioning variation study.
There have been many studies related to pedestrian safety protection with THUMS (Total Human Body Model for safety) [14][20][21].
Among the most innovative aspects of the expansion project to date, are the use of 1,100 acre-feet of recycled water by THUMS Long Beach Company in the repressurization of offshore oil-bearing strata and the use of 3,900 acre-feet of recycled water to protect the city's groundwater supply from salt water intrusion at the Alamitos Hydraulic Barrier Project.
McMurdie has had extensive experience as an independent consulting geologist as well as many years with major oil companies such as Union Oil of California and THUMS.