TIACAThe International Air Cargo Association
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We are working on connecting TIACA members and businesses in other parts of the world to the dynamic and fast developing Asian markets.
The AfA and its peers count on TIACA to provide a neutral backdrop representing all segments of the air cargo supply chain, where issues can be discussed candidly and productively.
The BAC delegates were accompanied by Gulf Air's general sales agent and Bahrain Cargo Management team and welcomed hundreds of guests at their dedicated stand, including key industry leaders such as TIACA general secretary Doug Brittin.
Evans acknowledges that, in the past, TIACA was essentially an event organizer, with the biennial Air Cargo Forum (ACF) as its primary focus.
Our shared objective with TIACA is to improve regulatory and procedural efficiencies and expedite cargo movements for all global citizens and businesses.
Kale Logistics is closely associated with leading Global Trade Bodies and is represented on the board of TIACA.
TSA has announced that it will no longer require the industry to provide air cargo screening volume reporting, a requirement that TIACA warned last fall was putting strain on the industry.
The project results, as compared with the current packaging, transport and security management methods, will be widely disseminated via industry associations such as IATA, TSA and TIACA.
The TIACA report was welcomed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which has cooperative agreements in place with all three industry organizations.