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TIBCTotal Iron Binding Capacity (medical test)
TIBCThe International Banking Corporation (Bahrain)
TIBCTransferrin Iron Binding Capacity
TIBCThe Illawarra Business College (Australia)
TIBCTulsa International Baptist Church (Tulsa, OK)
TIBCTensor Impedance Boundary Condition
TIBCTransparent-Influx Boundary Condition
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In May last year the administrator of TIBC, Trowers and Hamlins, filed a $1.
SI and TIBC are valuable indices for diagnosing the cause of anemia and for detecting latent cases of iron deficiency anemia which may reveal them with the progression of pregnancy.
Two similar systems using the TIBC and the SBC were modelled, simulated and experimentally validated.
TIBC quantitatively measures serum transferrin and can be useful in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, iron overload, and chronic inflammatory disorders [36].
Mean SD were given for continuous variables like serum selenium, Serum iron, serum TIBC, hemoglobin etc.
In pregnancy, an increased nutritional demand for iron is reflected in trimester-specific increases in TIBC (1).
25 A study in haemodialysis patients described that hepcidin level correlates with TIBC and ferritin concentrations.
9 billion claim is the latest in a series of actions brought by the external administrator of TIBC against AHAB, which includes a $430 million claim in respect of listed securities which AHAB used to capitalise the bank, as well as a $720 million claim in respect of a series of FX trades undertaken by TIBC on behalf of AHAB and on which AHAB defaulted.
Serum copper, zinc, TIBC and globulin should be watched during toxoplasmosis and gestational periods.
Also, order iron indices including a TIBC and percentage Hg saturation.
One of Bahrain's main selling points for financial services firms is the reputation of the regulator, but that was tarnished by the collapse of Awal and TIBC.