TIGGETHORPEX (The Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment) Interactive Grand Global Ensemble (World Meteorological Organization)
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Tigges then completed his hat-trick before late replies from Mantell and Alexander.
Vidal and Tigges set forth three suggested general explanations for hiring temps: reactive numerical flexibility, planned numerical flexibility, and systematic numerical flexibility.
This may be especially true in rural areas where there are likely to be fewer childcare options (Jack & Anderson, 2002; Tigges & Greene, 1994).
Instrument technician Bill Tigges recalls watching disembarking troops from Korea: they "were just 18 and 19-year old kids - some had bandages, others were amputees.
Peter Liebreghts and Wim Tigges (Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1996), pp.
Tootle and Tigges [1993] show that beyond a certain threshold an increase in the concentration of black workers in urban and rural areas of the South increases the unemployment rate of blacks relative to that of whites.
Porten K, Rissland J, Tigges A, Broll S, Hopp W, Lunemann M, et al.
Paul Groves' Admete was weighted with duty and emotion and Wayne Tigges was a masculine Hercule.
A variety of studies (Beggs, Haines & Hurlbert, 1996; Frazier & Niehm, 2004; Fendley & Christenson, 1989; Kale, 1989; MacKenzie, 1992; Mueller, 1988; Small Business Administration [SBA], 2001; Tigges & Green, 1994; Trucker & Lockhart, 1989) have found that rural areas are economically disadvantaged due factors such as low levels of business development and limited work opportunities.
Sprau was born April 28, 1927, in Castalia, Ohio, to Clarence and Emma Tigges Sprau.
Marilyn Landolfe of Countrywide Home Loans and Tracy Tigges of Foothill Capital represent hundreds of their fellow workers, who had opened their hearts and wallets this Christmas not just for their own kids but for ones not as fortunate.
Beja's criteria of "incongruity" and "insignificance" (16, 18), ones confirmed by Nichols 28 and Tigges 13.