TIGTATreasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
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TIGTA reviewed a statistically valid sample of 98 closed Sec.
According to TIGTA, a total of 154 addresses across the United States appeared on a thousand or more ITIN applications submitted to the IRS.
33) The TIGTA report also highlighted the problem with the
In its examination of the 2006 PACI, TIGTA said the IRS had improved but
79) Kwon, supra note 60, at 449 (discussing the TIGTA June 2006 audit report).
TIGTA, Semiannual Report to Congress at 15-16 (April 1, 2005-September 30, 2005), available at http://www.
For the period from January 1, 2004 to February 17, 2007, the TIGTA reported only 525 preparers were assessed [section] 6694 penalties.
When a fire broke out in its Washington, DC, facility, and when a suspicious package was sighted across the street, TIGTA employees evacuated to a satellite office with their agency-issued laptops and continued working.
Assailants used miscellaneous ("other") weapons against the 3 TIGTA victims.
In a report made public today, TIGTA said the IRS had made significant improvements since its May 2013 report, which found that ineffective IRS management resulted in: 1) the use of inappropriate criteria to identify for review organizations applying for tax-exempt status based on names and policy positions instead of indications of political campaign intervention; 2) substantially delayed processing of certain applications, and, 3) the issuance of unnecessary information requests.
In 2010, a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report indicated the misclassification of workers was a considerable factor in the federal budget deficit and caused other costs to the general economy (see TIGTA Rep't No.
In the latest review, released in December, TIGTA analyzed statistical samples of returns of 507 individuals claiming large amounts of noncash charitable contribution deductions.