TIPHTemporary International Presence in Hebron
TIPHTaxi into Position and Hold (US FAA; airplane procedure)
TIPHToshiba International Procurement Hong Kong, Ltd
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This process will involve an assessment of the performance of the TIPH in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, risk management and coherence.
The TIPH officers know them, but hold them as confidential information and disclose them only to the six TIPH governments, and to Israeli and Palestinian authorities.
According to TIPH observers, some 144 of those choke points harass the daily lives of both Jews and Palestinians in Hebron.
His view matches mine: TIPH at non-towered airports is equivalent to roller skating in a buffalo herd on the runway.
pdf, in which not one example of TIPH operations is offered for operations at non-towered airports.
As for TIPH, a takeoff clearance is not considered TIPH, so those are still a go even when an aircraft has been cleared to land.
Additionally the union, which is the collective bargaining agent for the 13,000 pilots of American Airlines, said that although it supports the TIPH change, it also urges FAA Administrator Marion Blakey to implement the Airport Movement Area Safety System (AMASS); install Airport Surface Detection Equipment, Model X ground radar system; and adequately staff control towers.
This process will include an assessment of mission execution to TIPH focused on relevance, effectiveness (effectiveness), productivity (efficiency), effect (impact), sustainability, risk management and coordination (coherence).
In a general notice (GENOT), the FAA says that air traffic managers must review the impact that airport configuration and local conditions may have on TIPH operations, and prepare a facility directive that prescribes local procedures.