TIPROTexas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners
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When you consider that $1 can provide 11 meals, according to hunger relief charity Feeding America, imagine what we can do if each TIPRO member donates $1,000 or more.
Since 1946, TIPRO has advocated to preserve and protect the ability of independents to explore for and produce oil and natural gas.
The chief beneficiaries of this treaty, which TIPRO helped defeat in the U.
In the final four chapters Goodwyn tells how TIPRO operated in a world shaped by Middle Eastern production, the policies of major oil and gas companies, and state and federal regulation.
In his post Great Depression chapters Goodwyn depends upon oral interviews with TIPRO members, articles and editorials from TIPRO publications, and correspondence and reports from the TIPRO archives.
To the extent that TIPRO blocked unitization to protect their member's cash flow and property rights it also blocked full recovery of the petroleum in many fields.