TIQThe Internet Quiz
TIQTetrahydroisoquinoline (neurochemical)
TIQTurtle Island Quartet (est. 1985)
TIQTinian, Northern Mariana Islands - Tinian (Airport Code)
TIQTrends Identification Questionnaire (education)
TIQTrawl Individual Quota (Pacific Fishery Management Council; California)
TIQTotal Intelligence Quotient (child development)
TIQTechnical Information Questionnaire (US Army)
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223-24), and the comparison of the Native-American stereotypes in TIQ to Arthur Sullivan's "faux Japanese music" in The Mikado (p.
The contradictory features that might emerge from the characteristics of the participants were controlled by including subjects who were of the typical age group for the grade level in school, had a normal TIQ of 85-129, and were of the same gender (male).
Combined with access to an extensive Snort rules library TIQ ensures that client's get maximum protection and return on investment from their security devices.
Repeated measures ANOVA in three WAIS evaluations of schizophrenic patients Sum of Source Factor squares DF * Within-subjects TIQ 2,705.
The TIQ ranged from 51 to 86 (media 63): 22 with mild intellectual disability, 4 with moderate mental retardation, 4 borderline and 1 below the normal mean.
All participants completed the demographic questionnaire, GEQ, TIQ, and social desirability questionnaires.
The TIQ was distributed to 2213 teachers working in elementary and secondary schools in the province of Quebec, Canada.
Participants in both control groups (MA2, MA3) were native Dutch-speaking Belgian children, with average intelligence (90 < TIQ < 120) and an overall school result of at least level B (60%).
Helmut is a 9-year-old normally intelligent (WISC R TIQ 104, VIQ 109, PIQ 98) boy with mathematics learning disabilities.
The leader's TIQ will provide a clear differentiation between success and failure.