TISPANTIPHON (Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization over Networks) and SPAN (Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks) (ETSI)
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Section 2 presents a generic IPTV architecture, while section 3 describes standardization efforts such as TISPAN, OIPF, ITU-T and ATIS specifications for the next generation IPTV.
It is noteworthy that ETSI TISPAN specifies (next-generation network) NGN-based IPTV as "Multimedia system that provides IPTV services over the NGN architecture and may be implemented as an integrated subsystem with the NGN (NGN integrated IPTV) or may use the IMS subsystem (IMS-based IPTV) in the NGN".
ETSI TISPAN (European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking) is also conducting a relevant work on IPTV standardization.
Release 2 of specifications of TISPAN NGN adds new features and services to the NGN such as IPTV.
TISPAN release 2 defines three main services for the IMS-based IPTV system: (a) Broadcast TV; (b) Content on Demand (COD); and (c) Network-Personal Video Recorder (N-PVR).
Figure 4 shows an overview of the functional architecture defined by TISPAN for the IMS-based IPTV system in release 3 [13].
ETSI TISPAN specification for the IMS-based IPTV system and the NGN integrated IPTV system can be found in [12] and [13], respectively.
Introduces the reader to the current cellular telephony architecture and to voice over IP architectures such as SIP, IMS and TISPAN
Information about the role of Acme Packet's session border controllers in IMS architectures, including 3GPP, ETSI TISPAN, Multiservice Switching Forum and PacketCable, is available on Acme Packet's website.
The Blueslice Home Subscriber Server is compliant to 3GPP IMS specifications, fixed TISPAN specifications, and PCMM for cable devices.
The companies' pre-integrated solution for the IMS-enabled networks is fully compliant with IETF, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and TISPAN standards.